Hi! I’m Jenny-Faye and I’m The Swearing Mom. I’m keeping it real in the kitchen! No swear jars, no shame and no bullshit. I’m making life my bitch and throwing social expectations to the wayside. Bringing food with an attitude. So, put on your life preserver, cause I’m about to rock the boat!

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  1. Shauna Serene says:

    Hello Jenny,
    It’s Shauna Serene, from last night.
    It was so wonderful meeting you.
    I like your style. This site is amazing. And yummy.
    I can send some pictures from the party, by email, if you have an address to share.

    The photo of you looking over your shoulder is so special. You are vibrant!

    Have a supreme day,

    1. Shauna! Thank you so much and I would LOVE to see them! I am going to be blogging about last night’s gathering here as well. I will be sharing my pics in that. I can be reached by email at theswearingmom@gmail.com

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