The Healing Power of Women (there’s a penis in my pasta)

I was fortunate enough to be one of sixteen this weekend. I was able to be part of a gathering that was as fun as it was necessary. When speaking about this trip, I was asked by another woman, “You know THAT many women that you would want to spend a weekend with?” The answer was simple, “Yes, and we won’t even have ALL of my favorite women on this trip”. 

I guess, I’ve taken for granted how lucky I have always been to be surrounded by genuine girlfriends. That is not to say that we are all Pollyanna. No, we disagree and have different and sometimes opposing points of view. No matter, though…. We love each other. When you are talking about a number as big as 16, you have many different levels of friendships. Some, are besties and some are acquaintances but all are girlfriends.

Upon moving from NorCal, I was hit hard by my lack of “girl time”. It is all consuming at times how much I long to be with my people. These women that laugh with and at me, that cry and wipe tears, this is the stuff of movies! That’s what chick flicks are made of! You mix champagne and laughter with a dash of naughtiness and a sprinkle of sarcasm and what do you get? A good damn time, that’s what. Jell-o shots and anatomically correct gummies, cake drink and penis pasta… things of joy, I tell you!

I needed this weekend like I need air. Thank you ladies, for being girlfriends and broads and naughty and nice. For dancing on tables and flashing on beaches, for bike rides and bloody Marys. For pans of drunken Jell-o and dead moths. I love you all.

Pure magic is what happens when  you have that much estrogen on one beach… Magic.

Cheers until our next rendezvous…


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  1. Wendy says:

    Cheers girl….couldnt have said it better…. so glad to be a part of that of which you write….hahaha…you took great pix and I will cherish our weekend memories…. off to the lesson plans of manana…. See you soon “spicy” So.Cal girl! Love from “sugar” in Nor.Cal ❤

  2. Donna says:

    So very happy that all of you have been able to maintain such a wonderful friendship and bond over the years. Also, thrilled you’re able to keep up with the “traditions” that bring joy to your circle of female friends.

  3. Julie Pichardo says:

    Sweet explanation, Moth Killer. We had a blast- until next time!!

  4. Judy says:

    I think we lived up to the hype! Mission accomplished! 303 has more love in its walls in our weekend than it has all year. Until next time Big Bush Dingies…Until next time Police Officer… Until next time Elmo…there will be many more next times…

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