Burning Man and Me… How to feel like a beautiful badass

Burning Man is meant for a badass. You’ve got to be ready. By ready, I mean you must come adequately prepared and above all else, you must have the right mind set. For starters, the place is huge. Not like Outside Lands huge, I mean like Mad Max metropolis in the freaking desert huge!

“The Man” is the center of it all. Just under half a mile away, down a torchlit avenue is The Temple. The temple marks 12 o’clock the rest of the “city” is situated like a clock from 2 o’clock to 10 o’clock. The city blocks are intersections of time and letters. Once you figure out certain landmarks it’s quite easy to navigate through Black Rock City, population 70,000.

Beyond The Temple, way way out into the desert, there are amazing art installations. From ornate and beautifully configured flags to a free standing room of pool noodles.

On one particular day time trek, we packed a backpack full of booze and water and just went for it. Am I wrong for thinking that getting buzzed while hiking to art in the high desert with my husband is amazing? No way! I’m right on the money with that shit! We met the coolest people and took pictures of each other and laughed and talked and kissed…. And kissed.

At night we would venture to various parties and bars, filling our glasses with the love and generosity of the masses. Finding pockets of live music, dancing next to fantastic art cars (some carrying dozens of people!), wandering into random domes and gazebos to rest and make out. Yep, that’s right I said MAKE OUT! Between kids and jobs and general life responsibilities, we often forego the full and unabashed make out session. Not at Burning Man, though. Burning Man is perfect for that sort of thing!

Meandering through time and other people’s spaces with the love of my life is my idea of heaven in the high dessert. Camping with a group of incredible people, celebrating the life of an amazing woman in exactly the way she requested me to, was perfect. I said many times leading up to my visit to this magical playa, that I would probably only go once. Now that I’ve “been there done that”, I say “until we meet again”.

The Burning Man event is a completely unique and incredible experience. There is nothing else like it on this planet. If you can leave your judgement and smug disposition at home, if you can dig deep and find your inner badass, if you want to feel like one small but fantastically beautiful and completely significant part of a great puzzle, then I recommend Burning Man for you. If you go, find me on the clock at 2:45 & I. I can’t wait to fill your cup and have an adventure! IMG_5981.JPG




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  1. Sherri says:

    You rock

  2. Carol Rohner Bump says:

    Your writing combined with with your photographs paint such a fabulous picture of your experience! You have a gift Jenny, thank you for sharing your passionate take about this life changing adventure. You made memories that one could only dream of. So glad it was everything and more you needed it to be! ❤

    1. jennyfaye13 says:

      Thank you, Carol! And thank you for following my blog. This is a fantastic outlet for me 🙂

  3. Julie Martinez Perez says:

    Jenny, my younger brother has been going to Burning Man for years! I have never heard it described in detail, he always said unbelievable and Bad!! The pictures you posted are great! And cool outfit you put together !! You definitely pulled it off !! Hubby is a non drinker, do you think, not really a place for him ? I would go with my bottle of Fireball and my camera for sure ! I think the pictures you posted May peak his interest ! He is the only one I would want to experience this Awesome magical place with ! I’m going to invite my girls n their guys ! Thanks for sharing . See you next year ,maybe we can get Wendy to go !

    1. jennyfaye13 says:

      You don’t have to be drink or high to enjoy this fantastic experience. We spent a couple of our evenings quite sober and had a fantastic time. I would go without my husband if it had to be that way but it would be a completely different experience. I will always prefer to go with him. Thanks for reading and feel free to share and follow 🙂

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