I Was Patriotic

I was patriotic before the towers fell
I learned to be, in part, from stories I heard tell
Raised to sing Marine Corps hymns, one nation under God
To trust my school and my church the way I was taught
I was patriotic before they took our planes
I was patriotic before our president read the names
Of so many fallen people, so many halted lives
Too many lost husbands and beautiful almost wives
Families never started and families ripped apart
I was patriotic before that day broke my heart
Never forget, I hear them say. Indeed, I never will
Watching the second plane collide and how it made me feel.
I was patriotic before the towers fell
I will always remember and teach my children well
I am patriotic, and I am not ashamed
Because after 9-11, nothing was the same

My best wishes and condolences to those directly affected by the tragedy on 9-11. It’s with pride that I witness recovery and awareness and realize how strong we are as a people. I challenge our government and those that hold office in the future to keep us safe and informed and to make sure this never happens on our soil again. America the beautiful, land of the free, home of the brave.


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