The Play Date Meets The Snack-Lace

Aaaahhhhh, the play date. We schedule these gatherings for reasons that vary from parent to parent. Some moms do it to add to their child’s development in a very purposeful way. Some mamas arrange play dates to get out of the house and see some new faces. A parent may have a play date with like minded parents to just unwind after the rigors of the week. This last one is usually me, but whatever the reason you gather with fellow parents and their broods, do it. It’s good for the goose and the gander. We need our village.

The way I usually “play date”, includes parents, children and wine… I’m not gonna lie, the wine is very important! I don’t helicopter parent, I don’t want to have a four hour play date that includes four activities, and interactive meal and me, hovering over the projects… That sounds an awful lot like work to me! If that’s your style, kudos to you! I prefer a simple activity that they can mostly do themselves and letting them entertain each other while my fellow Swearing Moms and I entertain each other!

Here is a simple way to snack AND entertain the kiddos! BOOM! Two birds, one stone.

You will need the following:

* Several lengths of yarn or twine, about 2′ per child. This is a perfect use for remnants!

* Scotch or masking tape.

* Foods with holes such as, cereal, pretzels, yogurt pretzels, gummy rings, cookies etc.

* Hungry children

* Wine



* Pour yourselves a glass of wine.

* Separate your snacks into bowls

* Wrap one end of your yard or twine with tape, like the tip of a shoe lace, to make threading your snacks easier.

* Have some wine.

* Tie opposite end of the yard around a pretzel to be the anchor that keeps the snacks on the yarn. Be sure to leave a tail a few inches long for tying the snack-lace off.

* Let the kids start adding goodies to their snack necklace!

* Once they’ve got an appropriate snack threaded, tie off the ends and send them packing!

* Finish your wine.

This activity can be an educational tool as well. Encourage the kiddos to count and make repetitive patterns if you like. It is also good fine motor skills practice. Enjoy!

* Note to parents: In this day and age, you have zero reason to drink and drive. Plan accordingly, if you can’t have a glass or two of wine and be satisfied, you need to keep your Uber and Lyft apps up to date! After all, these are our most precious possessions.

image4 image3 image2 image1 IMG_0217


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  1. Alison McCann says:

    This how we swearing moms do it!!

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