We made some blue fun dough… and a mess!

I needed to get some work done today and knew that I would be spending the day around the house. We live pretty busy lives and spending entire days at home is a rarity. I do not enjoy the cabin fever that sets in when busy kids get “bored”. So, even though they had a list of chores to keep them busy, I also wanted them to have some fun. We decided to make this odd, play dough type stuff that we are calling “Fun Dough”. We modified the original recipe by adding food coloring and black glitter. It was quick, easy and kinda messy, but that’s fun too, right?

You will need the following:

* Corn starch, 2 parts

* Hair conditioner, 1 part (we used a cheap coconut scented variety)

* Food coloring

* Glitter



Place two parts corn starch into a large bowl. I’m not into measuring, but if you NEED a measurement go with a cup.

Measure out one part conditioner.

Add food coloring to the conditioner and mix. A quick mix is enough, it will become completely blended as you go.

Pour conditioner mixture into the bowl with corn starch.

With your hands, knead together until smooth.

Once you have a ball of dough, add glitter and knead until evenly dispersed.

This is the basics of it, but I would like to add a bit of description for you. When you first start mixing it will be a crumbly mess. The consistency will be that of a beginning pie crust. Keep working it until it becomes a ball. If you need more moisture add a dime sized amount of conditioner, if its too sticky add a teaspoon of corn starch. By the end it should be a workable dough that has a silky smooth texture. The food dye will stain your hands but that’s kinda fun too! You could add small dinosaur figurines and do an excavation, you can add buttons or marbles for texture or a treasure hunt. Use your imagination and most of all… Have fun!

image5 image4 image3 image2 image1


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