The Great Weight Loss Challenge

I have mentioned in previous posts that I lost a good deal of weight upon moving to Southern California. I was motivated to be a healthier version of myself and it made sense that I would start my path to a new me at the same time as transitioning the rest of my life. It worked… For a minute. I lost a total of 60 pounds. As of right now, I’ve managed to keep 45 of them off. I’ve become complacent in my efforts, and it shows. I don’t feel healthy or strong right now and I know exactly why! I’m not moving enough and I’m making terrible choices in the way of food.

I’ve noticed my nine year old has become a bit pudgy over the last few months and he came to me last week and said “Mama, I don’t like my belly right now.”. As a mom, that made me sad. I was a fat kid, and though he isn’t even close to fat, if he doesn’t start eating a whole foods diet and increase his excercise, he will be. My husband travels all summer and has been gone a month. Cosmo and he would skate every day and this void has not been filled in the interim by mom. So, I’m committing to change that. We’ve been talking about being healthy together and I’ve asked for their input on foods they want to eat and how we will spend time moving our bodies together.

I’ve joined a handful of biggest loser contests at work over the last few years and have even won a couple! I just joined a big one and it’s taking place over the next eight weeks! I’ll be using you all as an accountability tool and will be checking in regularly. I still plan to post beautiful, decadent, special occasion food. I will just have to be accountable for my “taste testing”. I’d love to hear any tips, tricks, favorite meals or workouts etc. Wish me luck! 



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