The Gilded Leaf

Who doesn’t love a little glitz? I mean, I personally love it! You can really glam it up with a touch of rich metallic paint in a multitude of ways! What better choice than the mother of all metallics… GOLD! Today I am going to share something so ridiculously simple, it’s almost embarrassing! So, simple in fact, that I would be a horrible person if I didn’t share this little tidbit that will elevate your table from “Meh” to “Marvelous”! A perfect place card to add that perfect detail to your table.

You will need the following: IMG_1975

  • Metallic gold spray paint
  • Leaves, I used grape leaves but whatever you choose will be great!
  • Black permanent marker


  1. On a large piece of card board or craft paper, lay your leaves out.
  2. Give them an even coating of gold spray paint. Allow to dry, flip and repeat. IMG_1953
  3. Once completely dry (at least an hour), write each of your guests names on a golden leaf with your marker. IMG_1955
  4. Place on napkins or directly on plates for a gorgeous place card.

So simple, right??? Do it for your next gathering! Your guests will think you’re a rock star!




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