A Formal Appology To My Second Child, “What’s his name”.

I’m sorry child number two! You don’t know it, but you’ve totally gotten the shaft! Your older brother was an only child for five years, he got so much one on one time and SO much attention! You… well, you are getting hand me downs and after thoughts. I helicopter parented your brother. I hovered when he began to walk making sure he landed softly at every stumble. I monitored every bite of food that went into his tiny mouth, he was breast fed for two years and was THE priority. I went from a “by the book” style of parenting with him to a “just don’t let him die” parenting style with you. Kicked off the boob at eight months and allowed to fall and be injured in the rough and tumble world of “life with boys”. I kept my promise, though! You are still alive! There are not quite as many photos of you, but let’s be real, there were too many of your brother! I didn’t find near as much wonder in your “firsts” as I did with your brother… Because, been there, done that, kid!

I am confident that as you grow older, there will be benefits that will even the score. I will likely be over protective of your brother, imposing more strict curfews and rules of engagement when it comes to socializing and … GASP… Dating. You may be allowed more personal freedoms because I will have put your bro through the ringer on the “test runs”. So, you’re welcome! He is currently held to a higher standard of behavior than you due to his age. So, milk that shit! Nine times out of ten, I bet you’ll have better odds of coming out of a dispute on top, because you’re the baby! Work it as long as you can, kiddo. Because, like I mentioned, it will eventually even out.

I love you to pieces, second child of mine. Please stay little for a bit longer. When your brother is 12 brooding and full of angst, be a sweet and loving seven year old. Don’t rush to be like him, stay with me a while longer. We’ll get ice cream and cuddle up to watch a movie that YOU will get to pick! We’ll make up for a little lost time and I’ll still get to snuggle you. I hope you want to be with me, because I sure will want to be with you. You, second child, will be my last baby, my final moments of “Mommy’ before I’m just “Mom”.


mommy and lucius 2

mommy and lucius 3

Mommy and Lucius


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  1. vicky mckinsey williams says:

    i read this in my daughters voice even though she has four kids , she has an incredible hard time letting go of 5yr old Veda Grace. Like Kahlil Gibran said ” hold their hands but not their minds “.

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