Game Changers: Joanne (maiden name Lynch)

I was having a rough morning. I was impatient with my kids and sour toward my husband for no other reason than I’ve got a stupid sinus infection and I’m a bit dragged down. I got into my car and the fuel gage read “0 miles fuel remaining”. Damn it! The Rock Star left me on empty! Angrily, I headed toward the nearest gas station, on fumes.

Upon my arrival, I started my gas pumping and noticed an elderly woman two pumps over struggling with her cane attempting to pump her gas. I thought about helping and thought next, “I’m in a hurry”. Just then, her gas cap fell from her hand and rolled under her car. I hurried to her and asked if it would be ok to help her get her gas pumped. She replied, “Ten years ago I would have said I could do it myself, but now I’m 85 and I’ll just say ‘It’s a bitch getting old’.” We talked some more while her gas pumped and she told me about her knee replacement surgery and how she wishes her body had lasted as long as her mind. I finished up and asked her name. She responded, “My name is Joanne, maiden name Lynch. I would tell you my married name but I outlived him and he was a son of a bitch and I don’t go by it anymore.” I asked her if it would be alright if I took her picture and put it in my blog. “Sure, honey! What’s a blog?” I told her that it was just some silly writing I do on the internet and in one last sassy quip, she stated “Yeah! You can put me on the internet, at least I’m not naked!”

So, thanks Joanne, maiden name Lynch. You shifted my day from crappy to incredible and I’m grateful to have met you. Swearing Mom out.


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