This one goes out to all the lovers…

Fourteen years ago I said “I do” on a stormy Friday the 13th of December. I chose that time of year because The Rock Star travels all summer and as a florist, it would also be my slow season. It’s been wedded bliss ever since! Hahahaha ok, I know you wanna call Bullsh!t! We have had our ups and downs just like everyone else, but I can confidently say that we are solid and become stronger with every trial. It’s hard work and we don’t take that or granted. This post isn’t about our marriage, per se. It’s about our anniversary. Our 14th anniversary just a few days ago.

The Rock Star doesn’t cook, yo. All of you ladies out there with men who love to cook, enjoy that! He said that he wanted to cook for me. I have to admit that I had some initial trepidation. How many questions would I have to answer, how big a mess would be made and who would do the dishes??? I let all of that go, though. He had conspired with our sons and they were planning something for ME. I decided to just enjoy the experience and deal with the aftermath.

Shortly before I left work, I got a text that read “Come in through the front door. Ring the bell.”. Well, this was interesting indeed! We use the side door as our main entry, but I’m game! I rang the bell and was greeted by the most adorable barefooted, miss matched, maitre d. He said “right this way”. Of course I quickly dropped my bags to snap a pic! 

We walked into our dining room where I was met with a candle lit, flower filled table and my oldest boy as our waiter.

Cosmo never left character. He took my order from the limited menu offered at “De La Poop”. My beverage choice was “cocktail”. I had no idea what was coming and if my CHILD was going to be mixing a drink??? They had rehearsed this, though! Cosmo said “Sir, you have a phone call, come with me please” and Mike followed him into the kitchen where he made me a drink. Next, out came the salad and then the chili. 

Cosmo was an incredibly attentive waiter and he and our maitre d ate their dinner in the kitchen while I enjoyed the company of my husband. Shortly after we finished eating, I was escorted to our living room “dance floor” where I danced with my groom to our wedding song, “I will” by The Beatles. 

We capped off the evening by watching our wedding video and reminiscing. This was a marvelous night! As happy as it made me to write this post and share the details of my evening, what I’d really like to leave you with is simple. This was an inexpensive yet, completely thoughtful way to celebrate my anniversary. 

Husbands, wives, it’s on you to be thoughtful. My husband enlisted my boys to pull this off. I will never forget that evening! I couldn’t have been wined and dined better if he had taken me to the finest restaurant in LA! It’s about thinking outside of the norm and putting some effort toward the end result! It truly is the thought that counts. I should also note that they cleaned the kitchen. Swearing Mom out.

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