The Naked Truth

I came across this article. I read through the reactions and this fathers response. I could only come to one conclusion… It made me sad. Sad for our society as a whole that something as beautiful as this could be seen as pornographic. That these are images that we actually have to keep private. That we have to censor the beauty and innocence of our children’s naked bodies for fear that they may end up in some sick chat room, passed around like a perverse version of a baseball card.

This guy is obviously an artistic photographer and the series he shot of his daughter is quite lovely. Why then, is he being compared to the most vile examples of parents? Why did his series cause such an outcry of emotion from people? Is it because our society is indeed, too puritanical? Are we just uptight as Americans when it comes to the human body? OR in this age of information, are we really just THAT susceptible to the dregs of society?

I love my children’s bodies… They are utterly perfect in the buff. I have SO many pictures of them naked. Naked in the bath, naked in their room, naked in our yard, naked in the sprinklers…. I like my naked babies! BUT even an “over poster” such as myself doesn’t put them on the internet… Even texting them to grandma and grandpa is cause for consideration.

As parents we feel fiercely protective of our children. We don’t put them naked on the internet because we can’t stand the idea of some creep objectifying or coveting them in some sexually depraved way in the dark seclusion of a web page. HOW AWFUL THAT WE HAVE FEEL THAT WAY. It’s no secret the Europeans are far more comfortable with the naked body and sexuality than we are. I wonder, do European moms post naked images of their kiddos? Don’t they have the same sickos as we do? Is this an issue of safety or are we indeed, too uptight?

This series of photos is truly beautiful. I see it as something that he will be able to cherish for the rest of his life and something that his daughter will undoubtedly be grateful to have as an adult. Did he deserve to be treated like an abusive parent? In my opinion, absolutely not. However, the question of it being a good and safe choice, still begs an answer. Was it really in the best interest of his child to put these out to the public? I hope, for their sake, that the question can never be definitely answered. IMG_5801.JPG


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  1. shewrightes says:

    Reblogged this on shewrightes and commented:
    It looks like, from the photographer’s perspective, he captured those moments that American adults have made perverse. We associate hands down the pants with a few things – Al Bundy after a long day at the shoe shop, adolescent boys who think no one’s watching, and children in the anal stage (a stage that psychologists recommend we treat with certain respect that borders on deference). And, being an artful father, he seems to have made a point to capture those truly innocent moments and blast them into our Lolita-suffering consciousnesses.

    And I think Europeans wouldn’t blink twice.

  2. Ina says:

    This makes me really angry. I would consider the naysayers the perverts; why would they even think these photos are anything but beautiful?

  3. jpmorgains says:

    We must work together to make the world into a better place đŸ™‚

    1. jennyfaye13 says:

      Not exactly anonymous!

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