An Open Letter to Fox News and “The Five”

Dear Fox News and “The Five”,
I’d like to take a moment to conjure up the image of Kimberly Guilfoyle holding her head in her hands asking “Why did they ruin my thing?”. Indeed, gentlemen (and I use that term loosely), why did you ruin her thing? In fact, why did you think that it was ok to allow that ugliness to fall from your misogynistic and unenlightened mouths at all? How hard have people worked globally to bring women closer to equal regarding their male counterparts? In thirty seconds, you took yourselves back thirty years. I found your comments to be gross and likely a fair representation of who you really are. I say you took “yourselves” back specifically because I have more faith in humanity than to think that you are as good as it gets or that you are an authority on, well… anything. The two of you, with your snarky little quips, are just some mediocre talking heads who very likely think way more of yourselves than is warranted. You diminish your co-hosts regularly and now you have marginalized all of womankind. Great work!
I read your “apology”, Mr. Bolling, I found it interesting that you had no idea that you behaved like a cave man until you returned home to your wife (give that woman a medal!) and “got the look”. Really? Is she your moral compass? Are you not capable of showing respect to women without her reminders? Maybe she should write it on your napkin when she packs your lunch for work so you can better remember in the future.
Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri is not only deserving of your respect but she should likewise, have your gratitude. While you get hair and makeup and sip your morning coffee, prepping for your little show, she is actually fighting a fight that matters. She’s a doer not a talker. Her actions speak louder than your words and you should be embarrassed! I read both of your apologies and I could almost hear the groan that undoubtedly accompanied them. I bet you just couldn’t BELIEVE that you actually had to apologize for your “jokes”. How dare we, the public, demand that you show respect and self-control. How dare we require higher standards for journalist and TV personalities and the words that they bring to our people. Well, guys, we dare. I dare. I dare you to make a more sincere effort in your apology, I dare you to be a better personality, dare I say a role model! I dare you to check yourself the next time you choose to spew forth ignorance and antiquated views. Call it a “check swing”, do your viewers a solid and don’t say it. The laugh isn’t worth it, you aren’t that funny anyway.

A woman who hopes that you don’t have children… The Swearing Mom



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  1. Carol Rohner Bump says:

    Great response Jenny-Faye…… I am just sorry that you ;had to write it in the first place. Thank you for your courage to say exactly what needs to be said. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

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