This is the pits! A Swearing Mom Give-Away

Hello All, Cherries are still in but not for long! In honor of one of my favorite flavors, I am going to give this Cherry Pitter away to one of you!


This is the same as the one I use for all of my cherry recipes. To win, please like and share this post and give me a little shout out in the comments! Tell me what you might use the pitter for. Tell me a story or memory about cherries. Tell me about your day! Tell me somethin’ good!

IMG_0445 *Note: My kid was super cute and helpful with this very pitter. Man, what a guy 🙂


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  1. Lynn Lyons says:

    for me, the flavor of cherries will always be associated with my grandpa’s cherry pie. he always managed to miss just ONE pit in each pie … and mom always managed to find it!

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