Ask The Swearing Mom: Weight Loss

Hey there swearing mom,

I have been struggling with this “body fat” I have, I love food and don’t normally go on the “traditional diets”. I just wanna loose the belly fat without the exercise, but don’t know where to start? Any ideas?


Signed, I don’t wanna diet

Dear I don’t wanna!,

Listen girl, there is no “easy” way to do this. If there were, and if I knew it, I would be a bazzillionaire! Or at the very least, I’d be skinny. In the last three years I’ve taken off about 50 pounds. That’s give or take and depends on the week. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I feel a little stuck right now. Not going up but not going down either. It’s HARD and I get that. But I also get the fact that all things worth having are worth working for. So, my advice to you can only be what actually worked for me and I’m afraid it’s boring. Ready? Wait for it… Eat better foods and move your body! Yep, that’s all I’ve got. I do however, have a few tips and tricks that help me not feel so bad about focusing on my health.

  1. I don’t do “All or Nothing” diets. The moment I am restricted from eating something, I immediately want it. Not just “Oh, that would be nice” kind of want but more like a “stick your hand between me and that donut at your own risk, bitch!” kind of want. So, counting calories or using some sort of food tracking app is what I’ve gotten the best results from. My Fitness Pal is a great option. It’s user friendly, has the potential to create a healthy living community and is FREE! You can find it here at and feel free to friend me if you do! My user name is jennfaye13
  2. Eat the donut. How is this diet advice? Ok, eat half the donut and don’t feel bad about it. Track your calories and stay within your range and know that the donut may have saved you from a later binge and possibly the lives of your loved ones and co-workers! That’s a win/win! It’s ok to have the guilty pleasures, just be reasonable. Smaller portions and caloric accountability is key.
  3. Water, water, water! Drink it! Drink it alllll! Trust me on this! It helps curb your appetite, it keeps your system clean and it aids in healthy digestion. It also helps keep your skin clear and your breath fresh! Tip: I drink two cups warm to hot water with half a lemon squeezed into it first thing every morning. The lemon helps alkalize your gut and can aid in the prevention of diseases and poor digestion.
  4. Move your ASS! There’s no way around it, we need to move our bodies. I’m not amazing at this part, finding the time and motivation eludes me… but I know those are just excuses. We MAKE time for what we want to do. Try to find something that you enjoy, be it a brisk walk through your neighborhood, a swim, a game of tag with your favorite kid or a dance party in your living room! Just do it for 30 minutes a day at least four days per week. Use the wonderful feeling you have after your workout to help motivate you for the next.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a miracle for you but if you try this, you will see results and once you start seeing them, you will want more. Be strong and be sure to check back in to let me know how it’s going.

Swearing Mom out.


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