Mindful Monday:

I’ve just spent the last five days celebrating, relaxing, laughing, crying, eating, drinking and enjoying life with a dozen women. We left our husbands significant others and children behind and took some time to be women. Not mothers, not wives, not care givers, not teachers, not bosses… just women. Just friends. There was no drama, there was no catty behavior. We just enjoyed being together as sisters of this world. Seems pretty simple, right? Well, not exactly. Some of us had to travel a great distance to join in. Some had to make complicated arrangements for work, most had to organize care for our children… All of us had to MAKE this happen. It wasn’t something that just landed in our laps, we all had to decide that it was worth the effort. For me, the effort was getting from point A to point B which happened to be 7.5 hours apart. I had to do that with children, stopping midway to see family and pass them off. The details and the effort involved were a no brainer! Head up to a luxury lake house to celebrate my bestie’s 40th? Umm… Yes, please! However, there were some ladies who had to fight to be here. Fight for the time off, fight with their spouses for the justification of going at all, fight their inner demons just to feel comfortable in their own skin with a bunch of other people. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about that one. But there it was, staring me down… a beautiful woman who wanted to be there and forced herself to ignore overcome social anxieties to do it. I know a handful of women who have made statements about being away with that many women and how they would NEVER want to do that! “It sounds AWFUL!” Clearly, these gals haven’t done the work. Anyone who automatically thinks that this would be a horrible experience has never tried it. Either that or they have crappy girlfriends, and what I often find is that when somebody has a bad experience with every single girlfriend, it’s probably not the other gals. But I digress.

Why is this a Mindful Monday post? Because we’ve got to make time for these things. We need to live our best lives! We are mothers, we are partners, we are cogs in this great machine… but that’s not all we are! Do I expect each of you to run away to a weekend get away with your girls? No. I’m just saying that you need to take care of yourself. That doesn’t mean that you get to be selfish and entitled, it means that you get to be happy. The knowledge that other people do not control your happiness and that it rests in your very own hands, is POWER! Be a friend and make a friend. Be open to the possibility of fun! Step out of your comfort zone to enjoy a barbecue with friends. Allow yourself to live outside of your own head sometimes. Step out of your daily role and be free! You are the source of your own happiness!

These special occasions are just that, special. I don’t always get to be the priority. Real life dictates that I put other people and deadlines first… But these days are my reward. My prize for staying in the game and being a god damned MVP!

Swearing Mom out.DSC_0184

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  1. So well written! I’ve had the pleasure of attending many “girls weekends” and it can be so refreshing, fun, crazy, and revealing! Good for you…keep on keepin’ on enjoying this life.

    1. jennyfaye13 says:

      Thank you so much! I like you 🙂

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