The next logical step is a cocktail…

It’s hard to take that “next step” sometimes. Maybe you are stagnant in your job, maybe you want to lose a few pounds, perhaps you want to quit smoking… Whatever the case may be, we all have those things that we let hold us back. I’ve been wanting to take the next and most logical step with my blog and add video. I toyed with it once and had audio and lighting issues. Plus, I was using my cell phone so, the quality wasn’t up to par. Since then, I have gone full bore into learning to take a decent photo. I’ve deleoped my direction and I’ve maintained regular quality content. BUT I’ve never revisited video. Recently, our friend Lucky said “Jenny, are you seriously trying to avoid being the FACE of The Swearing Mom? Because that’s actually the only thing missing.” Well, that was cause for pause! Was I avoiding this? The answer is definitely yes. Partly because of bullshit insecurities but mostly because I am technologically lame.

Skip forward to a cool group of guys from Seattle. They decided to build their business and help start ups at the same time. They hauled their cookies all the way down to LA and through a series of events we ended up working together. I am beyond thrilled to have my first official videos done by a professional production company and such great guys! They lead me through the process and helped me find my voice. For more information visit them at Crown Fleek.

Maybe video won’t end up being my “thing”, but that will be a decision that I will make with the full knowledge of having tried it! I never want to look back on my life and wish I had tried something but didn’t because it wasn’t comfortable! So, here goes nothing!

Blackberry Bourbon Smash



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