The Swearing Mom on Podcast Stockton

I was honored to be interviewed on Podcast Stockton. My friends, Matt Beckwith and Greg Bahr are both involved with this Podcast which features Matt as the interviewer and Susan Spraecher as his co-host. They feature Stocktonians with interesting stories and careers and even though I am no longer living in Stockton, I will always consider it “home”. The home of my childhood as well as the place I became a wife/mother/entrepreneur and really started my own self-discovery. My best friends and beloved family still reside there and I look forward to every visit.

Podcast Stockton is doing a great service to the area by focusing on people who are a positive force in the community and I hope that I added to their legacy of over 100 episodes. So… If you’d like to spend an hour of your life listening to me talk about myself and my family’s adventures, give this a listen. After you’ve enjoyed it, go ahead and subscribe or leave some feedback on iTunes for them.

Thanks again, Matt. I am truly grateful to have had this experience.

Swearing Mom out.

Listen to my episode here:

Podcast Stockton Episode 102 Jenny-Faye Klooster “The Swearing Mom”



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  1. Foley209 says:

    Listening to that podcast had me playing Icarus Jones for over a week!

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