Division: An open letter to my sons 

To my dearest boys;

I spend my life making choices based on how they will directly impact your lives. From the food you put into your bodies to the way I cast my vote. This election, or as I’d like to refer to it, “the day we went back in time”, is just one example of many things in life that I won’t be able to fix for you.  I am but one vote in a sea of millions, there should have been more but sadly, they didn’t feel like voting was their jam this year. I’m no sore loser, though. The people have spoken and as a result, we will have exactly the president that we deserve. Well, the adults will. But you, kid? You’re fucked. I remember when I was your age and I thought that the president was THE MAN! But like, in a good way, not a creepy “big brother” sort of way. We wanted to emulate him, we were patriotic and we respected him! Them… we respected them. All of them, democratic or republican. It didn’t matter to us because the president was legit AF. I want to tell you that it’s ok for him NOT to be your role model. You will continue to show respect to your elders, but you do not have to look up to him. 

You, my oldest, you came to me and asked “mommy, what is rape?” Shocked, I questioned why you were asking. “Did you know that Donald Trump did rape on a girl?” Did rape… you are so naive that you said “did rape” and I had to sit you down and tell you what rape is. I had to tell you how that applied to the president elect. That is how I will always remember the day he won the election. And you, my sweet baby, you told me that you play “run from trump”. It’s a tag game where the person who is “it” is Donald trump and if they catch you they send you to Mexico. That’s great. Sounds like a fun game. Only, for some of your friends, it may not be a game at all. 

See me, child. See the world that I promise to keep trying to make better for you. Know that your mama is fierce and will go to the mat to make sure that you are untouched by Donald Trump’s world. Your world will not tolerate the marginalization of women, minorities, handicapped, LGBTQ, non-Christians, the poor, immigrants… you will be the light, because I will make sure you have the foundation to make it so. I will insulate you from the misguided ideals of family and acquaintances that might attempt influence, and as you grow older, I will make sure that you are armed with the knowledge to combat them on your own. I am raising you to stand up to bullies who would attack those who cannot defend themselves, even when it’s the hard decision. You, my blonde haired blue eyed boys, you are basically the embodiment of “the man”, but you will use your privilege to further the advancement of any group of people who need to have their voices heard. You will stand side by side, arm in arm with people of every creed and color. You will do that because I am your mother and I am raising you that way. You will be a positive force in this world and I will be proud. Someday we will march together. 

When you look back on this time in some history class and see the protests and the violence, know this: I see it. I’m mad as hell and I want to burn the fucker down too! I won’t, though. Because I have you. I will use my head along side my heart to make sure that we emerge from these darkest days, stronger, more centered and with more conviction than ever. 

With love unending, 

Your Swearing Mom


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  1. Helen Klooster says:

    YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON! This is exactly how I feel and how I raised my kids…. I armed them with the intelligence they needed to see the world as it truly is and make good ethical decisions no matter how hard they are and how hard it is on us as individuals. This is how we all need to raise our kids…. there are so many discussions I would love to have with you 🙂 I need to visit!

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