Hashtag Me Too

Me too. This is where we are. This is who  we are and a true testament to how far we haven’t come. We are reduced to sharing hashtags and status updates to prove that sexual harassment and assault are real and rampant. Because apparently, if enough of us copy and paste a status on Facebook, we’ll finally be able to convince the world that we aren’t lying, we weren’t asking for it and we don’t deserve it. Insert epic eye roll here. 

We live in a time that should, by all rights, be at least somewhat enlightened. We have the benefit of information at our fingertips constantly. If a person wanted to share their story, they could do so and reach millions in a matter of hours… if the algorithms were working in our favor. We see so many of these stories now, that we must have figured out that they we can’t ALL be lying. We can’t ALL be looking for attention. We can’t ALL have been asking for it… right? We know that a woman’s wardrobe choices do not equal her consent, we know that a person who is incapacitated cannot GIVE consent. Yet, Brock Turner only got a slap on the wrist. Harvey Weinstein gets defended by rich elites and the president of the United States brags about assault with zero accountability. 

In a day and age where there is a real and open attack on women’s rights, even here in the good ol’ U S of A. Women are eager to defend their backward thinking men whether it’s their husbands, daddy’s or lawmakers. What’s up with that, ladies? We have a healthcare bill on the table that attacks us on the preexisting conditions tip. Cesarean, abortion, menstrual irregularities and even rape are considered “conditions” that would allow the already fat pocketed insurance industry to charge us more or deny us altogether. You know, I’m not done… being treated for domestic violence is considered a preexisting condition. Let that sink in. Getting beaten by your partner may raise your premium… because obviously, THAT is a “condition” for which YOU should be penalized. You know what’s not a preexisting condition? Erectile dysfunction. Viagra will still be covered. There are no lobbyists trying to fight for the rights of employers to not have to cover that little pack of pills.

So, women who think feminism is an antiquated notion and that we are all good, I’m talking to you. What will it take? Because you’ve had cesareans, you’ve had menstrual irregularities, you’ve been raped and beaten. When will you meet your limit? 

In the meantime, we’ll keep copy/pasting, maybe we’ll even put a “me too” frame around our profile pictures. We’ll write letters and march on Washington, we’ll stand with angry fists and we’ll keep shouting and pushing and lobbying and voting… and we’ll fight for your rights too. 

Swearing Mom out. 


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