Easy vs. Complicated

I read an article recently that explained “Why men don’t choose complicated women”. It’s stuck with me a bit… I think I’m a complicated woman, and I’ve been chosen so… I mean, sure, we chose each other but still. The article referred to the relationship between Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big, and how he chose the “easy” woman for his wife. Sure, easy is bound to appeal to some men, in fact, I can see the attraction from my position as well.

What makes a woman “easy”? If I had to sum it up, I would say that easy equals satisfied. Satisfied with her home, job, husband etc. Satisfied with her position in life. Not that she’s a pushover or a door mat, just that she’s content. She’s not a maker of waves, she has low but reasonable expectations. Likely, she’s “easy” across the board. In friendships, professional relationships and with her children, she’s “easy” going. I am, in no way insinuating that “easy” is bad. It takes all types, man.

What makes a woman complicated? I consider myself to be complicated. I don’t think anyone has ever referred to me as “easy going” and I’m rarely satisfied across the board. I have HUGE expectations, they start with me. My standards for myself, exceed the standards I have for others, but regardless of that, they are high by any measure. I am always looking for improvement, in myself, my career, my home, my children and yes…. In my husband. I require myself to be motivated and fearless when it comes to these improvements. To constantly try new things and be inspired. Never a dull moment. Therefore, the man who chooses (and is chosen by) the complicated woman, better have his sneakers ready because he’s gonna need to keep up! She’s not gonna accept mediocre and she’s not gonna be cool with backsliding. Forward motion, ALWAYS. Onward and upward!

So, ladies and gentlemen, do not fear complicated. If you lean that way, don’t fight it! Embrace your sometimes difficult behavior, and use it for the greater good. Complicated does not, I repeat… DOES NOT mean bitchy and unreasonable. It means instead, that you are not so afraid to lose someone or something that you lower your expectations. That you remain true to your elevated standards even if it means that you lose somebody, even if it means that you leave the comfort of your longtime position and fearlessly reach for the stars. This world was built by “complicated” and I for one, am proud to count myself among them.



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  1. Wilson says:

    God women actually looked to sex and the city for relationship guidance? No wonder there’s so many problems between the sexes.

    1. jennyfaye13 says:

      I think it may be more of a point of reference… Not as if they’re actually basing their lives on a TV show. I’ve seen about half an episode, so I can’t actually speak of the relevance. Only that the reference in an article struck me.

      1. Wilson says:

        Well as a lumberjack mma fighting truck driving cowboy type of man id say that aint reality sister.

      2. jennyfaye13 says:

        Likewise, I think you may not be the norm… Sounds like you love your life, though… Bravo!

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