Be like that broad in Frozen and… Let it gooooo!

I swear, I thought MY friends were friends for life! My mom told me when I was young that I would lose friends. That it wouldn’t be some dramatic break up, it would just happen. “Sometimes people just grow apart, Jenny.” She was right. It’s just that way with some friends. You lose touch, find yourselves in new cities, careers change and so do interests. It’s an organic process that is part of life’s natural rhythm… Until social media, that is. Now, people who we would have just drifted away from are still tied to us in this strange cyber link that binds us all together. So, when we would have naturally parted ways in a gradual and fluid way, we are now stuck with each other. We get to see their new perspectives and we’re stuck with their political views and they get to chime in to our lives. Unless… We do the unthinkable, the coup de gras of friendship enders, the final final… The unfriend.

The “unfriend” has become the official relationship ending click. This is the way you REALLY know it’s over now. I’m a “hider”. If I get tired of people’s perspective and the way it makes me feel, I just hide them. That way it’s an out of sight out of mind thing and nobody’s feelings got hurt. But what happens when they infiltrate your line of vision by commenting!?!? Gasp! What if their comments are always negative or just uninspiring? What happens when the mere sight of their name in your notifications makes you cringe? That’s when you’re driven to the “unfriend”. THE action… The one click that rules them all!

Free yourselves, people! We are not required to stay connected to people who make us feel bad! If somebody treats your family poorly, let ’em go! Somebody only chimes in with negativity, let ’em go! You have a closet racist or chauvinist up in your news feed, let ’em go! Just like when you unhook your bra after work, setting them free will feel AMAZING!

Swearing Mom out.

th-3 th-4


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  1. pja6 says:

    Amen, sister!

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