Today we feast… Again

The Thanksgiving leftovers are nearly as coveted as the original meal! Sandwiches, soups made from the carcass… as much a tradition as any of it. I’m sure so many of you out there, just like me, pile your leftovers on a sandwich. My dad likes it open faced. White bread, turkey, turkey gravy. He’s a bit of a boring eater, though. This is my ideal “leftovers sandwich. It’s got everything… you hear me? ALL the things! 

I started by toasting a hearty wheat bread, followed by a smear of mashed potatoes. Then… sky’s the limit! Stuffing, turkey, ham, veggies et al! Just be sure to top it off with gravy… lots of gravy and a dollop of cranberry sauce. If you’ve never tried this, do it now! You’re welcome! Swearing Mom out.


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