Women’s March Los Angeles

Yesterday I had the pleasure, the honor and the priveledge to march alongside 750,000 likeminded individuals. There were a massive number of men in attendance, which I found to be both surprising and uplifting. Every race, religion and creed was represented in droves. 

I was worried that it would be a “poor me” fest of people lamenting Hillary’s loss. I felt like that sentiment would be counter-productive and not really in line with my thinking. I’m a forward motion kinda gal. I don’t like looking backward with sorrow. Instead, I choose to try to affect things that can actually be changed or in this case, prevented. The agenda of President Trump (yes, I understand and accept him as president while rejecting the regressive intentions of he and his cabinet) gives cause for pause… at the very least. His misogynist, racist, xenophobic and  homophobic narrative is not something that I intend to “accept”. There is zero chance that it will be my “new normal”. A friend recently said that this is not a sprint, but a marathon and yesterday was my warm up. Many people have asked, with feigned confusion, “What are you marching for? He hasn’t even been in office for a whole day!”. Let me be clear, Donald Trump hasn’t minced words. When he says that he thinks Muslims should register, I reject that. When he insists that Planned Parenthood should be de-funded, I reject that. When he says that he will repeal Roe vs Wade, I reject that. I reject his racist and unqualified cabinet appointees. I reject his conflicts of interest. I reject his already fraudulent promise to not pander to Wall Street. He is not poised to make any positive changes, instead he is setting himself up for more of the same. The same war filled, money motivated, big bank bullshit that we’ve been handed by administration after administration for decades. 

So, if you are among the people who don’t understand what in the world a bunch of broads thought they should march for, consider yourself enlightened.

I’d like to focus on the positivity of the event that collaboratively took place on every single continent of this planet yesterday. On a personal level, I was able to attend with my girlfriends and start conversations with the people around me. I’m a people person! I’ve never met a stranger and as a result, coupled with the fact that so many people showed up that we were sort of grid-locked for about an hour, gave me an opportunity to talk with the folk around me. One woman was there with her girlfriends and she had been present at many momentous demonstrations decades earlier. She just couldn’t believe that she “has to march for these fucking things still!” She was beautiful and bright eyed and I could imagine her bra-less and powerful in her youth. 

I spoke with a man who was there with his mother and aunts. He believes that women are a massive part of the answer to our world’s woes. I couldn’t help but agree. 

There was a great Native American presence as well. I was able to breifly speak with a woman who was attending the march with her granddaughter. She had recently returned from standing rock where she was “cooking”. Her only explaination for what she was there to do. She was an 82 year old badass who is walking the walk. I didn’t get her picture but I did get some of the group dancing nearby. 

We walked with some young women, around 19 years old and full of hope and positivity for their futures. These girls were excitedly chattering in an infectious way. It made me feel 20 years younger just being near them ❤️

We also saw and walked with so many families! It made my heart warm to see husbands and wives walking hand in hand with their children in tow. Teach them young! Take note of the last line of the sign below. Good job, family!

I truly wish I had brought my voice recorder to get the information of all the people I photographed. I would love to be connected to them. They are my people. 

The next segment is just a bunch of gratuitous images for your enjoyment! 

The marches that happened yesterday are being praised for their peacefulness. I am glad that we were able to gather globally and peacefully in such numbers. Make no mistake, though… nobodys child’s death was the reason for these protests. There were no paid usurpers at these events. Law enforcement was amicable and pleasant. 

I cannot however, promise that if our rights become infringed upon, that the protests will remain peaceful. Do not take for granted that we were all out there yesterday for prevention. We want the new administration to know that we have high standards and we are watching. You work for us now and you’d be wise to remember it. 

These were the women that I traveled to the march with. I am grateful to know them and proud to have walked with them. 

I know that many of my readers will not agree with my politics and that’s ok. Keep your comments informed and respectful if you feel compelled to do so. If you can’t manage to keep your cool, I can’t say much but a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say…

Swearing Mom out.


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